Period Weekend - Friday and holidays Monday to Thursday


1st March to 30th March

1st April to 31 April


8.30h - 17.30h


Monday and tuesday reservation



1st May to 30th Juni 8h - 20h 8h - 20h
1st July to 31 August 8h - 21h 8h - 21h

1st September to 15 september

12 September to 30 September

8h - 20h

8h - 18 h

8h - 20 h

8 h - 19 h

1st October to 1 november 8h - 18h 9h - 17h

1  November to 30 november


1 december - 28 february CLOSED (lock on demand) .

9h to 18h


0471/ 75 66 28

Monday and tuesday by appointment;

9h - 17h

0474/ 68 82 78



  • Last  lock: 1 hour before closing time.
  • During neaptide, storm conditions, work in progress or ‘force majeur’, the locks may be closed.
  • For more information about problematic tides, click here, or contact the harbourmaster’s office..
  • Summerseason: Locks on demand.(from 07:00hrs to 21:30hrs, always call channel 14)
  • Winterseason: Locks on demand.(from 08:30hrs to 16:15hrs, always call channel 14)
  • CLOSED on 25th december and 1st january.
  •                 Winter closed monday until thursday.

                    10 january untill 28 february ( lock on demand)

Locking procedure

  • You must call on VHF channel 14 before entering the lock.
  • The lock keeper will register the ship’s name and measurements. He will give you a berth and estimated time of the lock passage.
  • Entry into the lock is controlled by traffic lights. When the green light is showing and if the lock keeper gives you authorithy to enter the lock, follow his instructions.
  • Please manouvre as far forward as possible, attach to the vertical ropes on the walls and switch off engines.
  • Keep ropes taunt until the locking operation has been completed. There is no ‘Free Flow’ possible in the locks.
  • All payments need to be made before entering the lock when leaving the marina.


To assist in keeping delays to a minimum keep your VHF tuned to Channel 14 and react as quickly as possible to instructions.